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Jameson & Khaleesi


I’m so thankful to have had Tony work/train our two boxer puppies!  We hadn’t had a puppy in so many years, we forgot how difficult it can be to get them to listen. Tony came to our house and walked the dogs with us to help us get a sense of how to manage them.  Despite one of our dogs being deaf, that was never a concern for Tony, he simply said we would train her the same way, but just sign to her.  It has proven to be extremely effective.


Everywhere we take our dogs, we are constantly receiving compliments on how well behaved they are, despite the fact that they are both still puppies.Tony’s expertise with dogs is evident, he is so passionate about what he does, he’s an exceptional dog trainer. I continue to recommend him to all my friends almost daily.


Virginia Foote

Valencia, CA. (see attached picture of Jameson & Khaleesi)



Jake's transition after one training session was amazing. He no longer pulls when he walks and is well behaved in his general behavior. If you have a dog that needs any training, I definitely would recommend Tony Shields and Shanna. They are great at demonstrating what to do and guide you on how to do it.


We took Jake and Cali out for a walk this morning and it was so much easier. They were more focused and not distracted by people or bike riders. We look forward to our next session.


Sam & Justine Modugno

Bosco & Bailey

Tony and Shanna are great. They showed us some easy techniques to use with our two new puppies, Bosco and Bailey, that we would never have thought of on our own. We have been practicing these techniques for about two months now and they have already helped shape our puppies into more calm and respectful pets. Bosco and Bailey now sit and wait for permission before they eat, before they come inside of the house and before they come out of their crate in the morning. We even feel safe letting any of our three children feed the pups including our four year old! She can give the puppies their food and the pups behave in the exact same manner with her as with the adults! 


Thanks Tony and Shanna,



David and Cheryl 


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